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INDEX #001: Kurt Kren - Action Films (1964-67) (1964-1967)

Austria. Experimental. 46 minutos
Título Original: INDEX #001: Kurt Kren - Action Films (1964-67)
Director: Kurt Kren
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Silente   Subtítulos: No necesita

Kurt Kren´s Action films are the most tangible way of comprehending the nature of Actionist works of art and events today. I´am not referring to the recognizability of an action´s dramaturgical details, but rather to the fact that Kren´s Action films make it possible to immerse oneself into their structural essence so as to grasp their energetic and aesthetic meaning.
(Hubert Klocker)

6/64: MAMA UND PAPA (6/64: Mom and Dad) 3:57 min
7/64: LEDA MIT DEM SCHWAN (7/64: Leda and the Swan) 2:56 min
8/64: ANA (8/64: Ana: Action Brus) 2:40 min
9/64: O TANNENBAUM (9/64: O Christmas Tree) 2:56 min
10/65: SELBSTVERSTÜMMELUNG (10/65: Self-Mutilation) 5:19 min
10b/65: SILBER ­ AKTION BRUS (10b/65: Silver ­ Action Brus) 2:34 min
10c/65: BRUS WÜNSCHT EUCH SEINE WEIHNACHTEN (10c/65: Brus wishes his Christmas on you) 2:56 min
12/66: COSINUS ALPHA 9:16 min
13/67: SINUS BETA 5:58 min
16/67: 20. SEPTEMBER (16/67: September 20th) 6:53 min