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INDEX #032: Dariusz Kowalski - Optical Vacuum (2004-2008)

Austria. Experimental/Documental. 100 minutos
Título Original: INDEX #032: Dariusz Kowalski - Optical Vacuum
Director: Dariusz Kowalski
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: Inglés

Dariusz Kowalski | Optical Vacuum | INDEX DVD 032 | Published by: ARGE INDEX | Production: Medienwerkstatt Wien | In cooperation with: Filmarchiv Austria |

Nowhere else is talk of the »panoptic era«  an eye that sees everything yet remains elusive  clearer than in the medium that has taken omnipresence and fleetingness to a global scale: the Internet. On the Internet, the paradigm known thus far for our imaging apparatus has become invalid: there is no longer a single, central perspective, but instead, a myriad of viewing angles that broadcast over webcams, pumping incessant images into the digital data stream. The »vacuum« in the title of Dariusz Kowalski´s cinematic essay, which follows his earlier works Elements and Luukkaankangas, is therefore not a void, but a powerful generator, an unremitting doubling of the world: in image.
(Dietmar Kammerer)