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INDEX #017: Leo Schatzl - Farrago (2006)

Suiza. Experimental. 75 minutos
Título Original: INDEX #017: Leo Schatzl - Farrago
Director: Leo Schatzl
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Sin diálogos   Subtítulos: No necesita

The subversive, ironic analysis of systems of social control; pseudo-scientific technical experiments, for example with objects of daily use; and the »manipulation« of our visual habits with the help of technical apparatus ­ these are central aspects of artistic work of Leo Schatzl. Martin Sturm

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living and working as freelance artist in Vienna since 1987.
1980-1987, studies at the University of Art in Linz (visual design, metal design). Cooperation with several artists’ groups (Stadtwerkstatt, Unabhängige Filme Linz, Dead Dog Gallery, Kunstlabor, Contained ...). Teaching post at the University of Art in Linz since 1992 (intermedia laboratories). Main fields of work: interdisciplinary room installations, objects, photography, image media. Numerous projects, exhibitions, film and video screenings in Austria and abroad.