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INDEX #025: Linda Christanell - The Nature of Expression (2007)

Austria. Experimental. 71 minutos
Título Original: INDEX #025: Linda Christanell - The Nature of Expression
Director: Linda Christanell
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Alemán   Subtítulos: Inglés

Operating in a wide number of artistic genres, Austrian-born Linda Christanell began working with film in 1975. A true avant-gardist, Christanell's cinematic compositions juxtapose seemingly unrelated images in an attempt to create a space outside of the confines of narrative desire. The Nature of Expression includes Picture Again and Moving Pictures among others.

NS TRILOGIE - TEIL2 GEFÜHL KAZET 1997, 13:50 min, MOUVEMENT IN THE INSIDE OF MY LEFT HAND 1978, 6:26 min, FINGERFÄCHER 1975/82, 9:53 min, FOR YOU 1984, 8:08 min, ALL CAN BECOME A ROSE 1992, 7:15 min, PICTURE AGAIN 2002, 8:56 min, MOVING PICTURE 1995, 10:14 min,
BONUSTRACK 1: CHANGE 1978, 1:07 min,