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Francois Miron: Experimental Films (1985-2009)

Canadá. Experimental. 129 minutos
Título Original: Francois Miron: Experimental Films
Director: Francois Miron
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: No

“Visually intoxicating…” – Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Reader (Chicago)

This DVD compilation brings together thirteen films by iconoclastic Québecois filmmaker François Miron, made over the course of 24 years. Without belonging to any artistic school, Miron has forged a unique style, one that combines a great variety of techniques and materials, including found footage, live action, animation, collage, and flicker. In bravura and often hallucinatory feats of optical printing, Miron cracks open images of American pop culture, consumerism, and conservatism, subsuming them in an experience of sensory overload.

- 4 x Horizontal 4 x Vertical (1985-86, 16mm, 9 min)
- Chirurgie Optique (1988, 16mm, 10 min)
- The Gap in the Curtain (1989, 16mm, 4 min, silent)
- Kick That Habit Man (1989, 16mm, 3 min)
- What Ignites Me, Extinguishes Me. (1990, 16mm, 9 min)
- The Square Root of Negative Three (1991, 16mm, 8 min)
- The Evil Surprise (1994, 16mm, 15 min)
- The Ultraworld (1997, 16mm, 17 min)
- La poursuite de l’art (1999, 16mm, 10 min)
- Resolving Power (2001, 35mm, B&W,18 min)
- Hymn to Pan (2007, 16mm, B&W, 5 min)
- Crepitus (2008, 16mm, B&W, 5 min)
- Hydromorphone 8mg (2009, 16mm, 3 min)