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El mundo perdido: los cortomertajes de Vittorio De Seta (1954-1959)

Italia. Documental. 104 minutos
Título Original: Il mondo perduto: I cortometraggi di Vittorio De Seta 1954-1959
Director: Vittorio De Seta
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Italiano   Subtítulos: Español


  • Lu tempu di li pisci spata (1954) - 10 minutes
  • Isole di fuoco (1954) - 9 minutes
  • Surfarara (1955) - 9 minutes
  • Pasqua in Sicilia (1955) - 8 minutes
  • Contadini del mare (1956) - 9 minutes
  • Parabola d'oro (1955) - 9 minutes
  • Pescherecci (1958) - 10 minutes
  • Pastori a Orgosolo (1958) - 10 minutes
  • Un giorno in Barbagia (1958) - 9 minutes - IMDb
  • I dimenticati (1959) - 17 minutes - IMDb
  • Interview with Vittorio De Seta (2008) (17'41') - In italian with French and English subs.

(...) In ten films, Vittorio De Seta caught the gestures, the rites and a bit of the soul of a part of the Italian people. De Seta places man in the center of his cinema and if he magnifies his labour, he never romanticizes it and doesn’t hide its rough part.
De Seta films as an anthropologist, as the urban educated man he was, discovering an almost middle age part of his country. But what immediately strikes the viewer of his films is their splendid pictorial beauty. Shot in a widescreen format, on a Ferraniacolor film –the Italian rival to Technicolor– with soft colour tones and heavy contrasts, the films of De Seta are astonishing (...)