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Gaumont, Le cinéma premier: Louis Feuillade (1907-1912)

Francia. Drama/Aventuras/Cortometraje. 309 minutos
Título Original: Gaumont, Le cinéma premier: Louis Feuillade
Director: Louis Feuillade, Léonce Perret
Intérpretes: Alice Tissot, Maurice Vinot, Renée Carl, René Navarre, Suzanne Grandais, Ernest Bourbon, Luitz-Morat
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Silente   Subtítulos: Francés [Intertítulos]

Antología de casi 6 horas de películas que Louis Feuillade realizó para la productora Gaumont.  Incluye:


  • Le Récit du Colonel (1907) (4 minutos). Absurdity enters daily life, a chef d'œuvre of cascades.
  • Une dame vraiment bien (1908) (3 minutos). Comic scenes in the old Paris
  • Bébé tire à la cible (1912) (7 minutos). Astonishing cynism from two bourgeois watching their maid having problems with their son.
  • Bout de Zan vole un éléphant (9 minutos). As in many adventures Bout de Zan is accompanied by an animal.
  • Erreur tragique (24 minutos). Cinema into cinema! René Navarre and Suzanne Grandais play husband and wife...
  • Le Coeur et l’argent (1912) (18 minutos). Codirigido con Léonce Perret. A possessive mother, country landscapes of Parisian suburbs, the story of a passion
  • Le Printemps (7 minutos). This picture looks like Puvis de Chavanne or Adolphe William Bouguereau!
  • La Fée des grèves (7 minutos). Ondines from the German mythology
  • La Nativité (14 minutos). A religious subject, kind of answer to Alice Guy's "La naissance, la vie et la mort du Christ"
  • L'Orgie Romaine (9 minutos). "Esthetic film", a show of cruaulty, with an erotism which did not please Léon Gaumont!
  • L'Agonie de Byzance (1913) (29 minutos). Big scenary, a crowd of actors, Feuillade's apotheosis! Like an opera!


  • La veine comique (3 minutos)
  • The comic into Feuillade's work
  • Sales gosses (4 minutos)
  • Kids' director
  • Un précurseur de Cécil B. DeMille (13 minutos)
  • Before Cecil B. DeMille...
  • Le Miroir de l'écran (9 minutos)
  • The cinematograph itself as a source for inspiration
  • Une troupe (5mn)
  • Faithful actors to Feuillade form his own company


  • La Possession de l'enfant (11 minutos). Social life filmed as Scandinavian directors were doing it. Trying to do it with a low budget will guide Feuillade to his own style...
  • Le Trust (24 minutos). A premonition film before Les Vampires. Some shots take place in Le Havre.
  • La Tare (41 minutos). A denouciation of the morality of the reactionnary bourgeoisie. A fatalist protitute becomes a lady but her past follows her. Her suicide is commuted to an colonial  and humaniterian life...
  • Le Nain (17 minutos), The impossible love between a nice young woman and a dwarf. Long before Tod Browning, an Liliputian actor plays his own role.
  • La Hantise (24 minutos). The story of a fortune teller confronted to catastrophe. Very modern. Use of stock-shots, etc.


  • Trop petit, mon ami (3 minutos)
  • Delphin was a very small actor, he plays in Le nain
  • Brûlante actualité (6 minutos)
  • Ex-journalist, Feuillade gets inspiration into the news
  • Une Doctrine : La Vie telle qu'elle est (7 minutos)
  • To paint the world as it is was also Feuillade's ambition
  • Ailleurs (9 minutos)
  • Beside the studio, Feuillade was looking for unusual landscapes.

Original music by Patrick Laviosa.