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Louis Lumiere

  1. The Movies Begin Vol II (The Movies Begin: The European Pioneers, 1895) de Louis Lumière, Auguste Lumière, Birt Acres, R. W. Paul, George Albert Smith, Sheffield Photographic Co., Haggar & Sons, Bamforth And Company, Ltd., Williamson's Kinematograph
  2. The Lumière Brothers' First Films (1895) de Louis Lumière y Antoine Lumière
  3. ¡Lumière! El cinematógrafo 1895-1905 (Lumière! Le cinematographe 1895-1905, 1895-1905) de Louis Lumière
  4. Los films de los hermanos Lumière (Les films Lumière, 1895-1936) de Louis Lumière, Auguste Lumière
  5. Saved From The Flames: 54 Rare and Restored Films (Saved From The Flames: 54 Rare and Restored Films (1896-1944), 2008) de Mack Sennett, D. W. Griffith, Chuck Jones, Ub Iwerks, Thomas Ince, George Melies, Louis Lumiere, etc