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New York Portrait chapters I, II, III

EE.UU.| Documental / Experimental| 1978-1990|43 minutos
Título original: New York Portrait chapters I, II, III
Dirección: Peter B. Hutton
Idioma: Silente Subtítulos: No necesita
Formato: DVD-R

“New York is framed in the dark nights of a lonely winter. The pulse of street life finds no role in New York Portrait; the dense metropolitan population and imposing urban locale disappear before Hutton’s concern for the primal force of a universal presence. With an eye for the ordinary, Hutton can point his camera toward the clouds finding flocks of birds, or turn back to the simple objects around his apartment struggling to elicit a personal intuition from their presence. Hutton finds a harmonious, if at times melancholy, rapport with the natural elements that retain their grace in spite of the city’s artificial environment. The city becomes a ghost town that the filmmaker transforms into a vehicle reflecting his personal mood.” – Millennium Film Journal