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Screening Room: Peter Hutton

EE.UU.| Documental / Experimental| 1977|72 minutos
Título original: Screening Room: Peter Hutton
Dirección: Robert Gardner, Peter Hutton
Intérpretes: Peter Hutton, Robert Gardner
Idioma: Inglés Subtítulos: No
Formato: DVD-R

Drawing on traditions of 19th-century landscape painting and still photography, Peter Hutton’s contemplative, meticulously composed films unfold as a series of tableaux separated by black leader.  His work, primarily minimalist, silent portraits of cities and landscapes, has been shown at important festivals and in major museums across Europe and the United States including the Museum of Modern Art and five Whitney Biennials. He has received the Dutch Film Critics Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation. He has taught at Hampshire College, Harvard University, SUNY Purchase, and has been a Professor of Film at Bard College since 1984.

Peter Hutton appeared on Screening Room in March 1977 to screen and discuss excerpts from the films July ’71 in San Francisco…, Images of Asian Music, Florence, New York Near Sleep for Saskia, and footage from New York Portrait: Chapter One.