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Wheel of Ashes

EE.UU. / Francia| Drama / Experimental| 1969|110 minutos
Título original: Wheel of Ashes
Dirección: Peter Emmanuel Goldman
Intérpretes: Pierre Clémenti, Katinka Bo, Pierre Basançon
Idioma: Inglés Subtítulos: Inglés
Formato: DVD-R

‘Goldman, who established himself as one of the leading lights of the American underground film movement with his first feature film, […] made his second feature in France, with Clémenti starring as a young man adrift in Paris, searching for meaning via sexual encounters, solitary contemplation, and an exploration of both Western and Eastern religious traditions. Hardly seen in the US, in the sixties or since, Wheel of Ashes represents a fascinating intersection of important European and American underground figures. ‘There was not one of us who was not profoundly touched by this film… perhaps the first to give a true feeling of certain quarters of Paris.’  - Cahiers du Cinéma

‘His people come to life simply and believably – more believably than most of the people in the Chabrol and Truffaut cinema… the film has a thematic and formal beauty that is remarkable.’  - Jonas Mekas

Extras ; 8mm reels 24'